CallID – Identity Authentication Solutions

Keep your details safe and reduce operational costs with CallID - the electronic identity verification service designed to protect customers from identity fraud.

As the world becomes more and more digital, identity authentication management is increasingly necessary to protect yourself online.

CallID offers consumers guaranteed confidence that their details are in safe hands, improving efficiency and security within your business.

Why do I need CallID?

As the internet and technology advance, the need for thorough ID authentication services grows too.

CallID has been designed to adhere to the full requirements of the modern world, protecting and validating our customers.

The system makes the verification processes fast, intuitive, and allows clients to feel safe whilst they are online.

What is an Identity Authentication Solution?

ID authenticate software is the foundation of online identity security, with full support from client queries and overall verification quality.

This form of identity authentication allows management of operation proficiency, and security protection for all clients. It provides electronically verifiable data that can be utilised within your business.

Customers can be confident and rest easy knowing that their details are completely protected within the process.

Customer identification

Designed to meet the requirements of an array of organisations, CallID is fully adaptable to all kinds of business environments and customer data sources.

The identity authentication management will verify customer details without carrying out extensive anti-money laundering verification checks, thus improving business security and efficiency.

From this information it can guarantee electronic identity verification and will return with a pass or refer decision.

Stay up to date with real-time updates that are instantly available online, and choose between a regular batch service and integrated solution management.

The additional benefits

  • Reduces risk of fraud by applicable warning flags that imply customer risk
  • Quick for staff to learn and easy to implement – minimal training required
  • Age verification is available to make sure that customers are over 18
  • Unlimited administration control for integrated management services
  • Increased customer satisfaction, the ability to retain existing clients and establish new ones
  • Conveniently available 24/7 in a variety of formats such as integrated API or a web browser
  • Reliable and well formatted reports of all input and output data
  • Paper based documents to authenticate ID can complete verification
  • An inexpensive ID verification process allows businesses to reduce operational costs 
  • Allows your business to meet legislative regulations and compliances

How can I get CallID?

Get in touch with TransUnion today to discuss electronic identity verification for your business.