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Protect personal property and your business with our crime reduction ecosystem

An estimated 94% of UK adults own a mobile phone and the Association of British Insurers estimates the average three-bedroom family home contains items worth £55,000, some of which is high-end tech. In general, it’s important to look after our property and do what we can to protect ourselves from fraud and crime.

We’ve developed our Recipero solution over 15 years, building it into a Crime Reduction Ecosystem. It connects property to consumers to create a data ecosystem. This ecosystem uses device and personal property data that we aggregate, integrate and interpret, and then output into interconnected solutions:

  • National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) — A dedicated police portal used by law enforcement officers to gather intelligence and investigate crimes that involve mobile devices.
  • CheckMEND — Used by individuals, traders, retailers and recyclers to check the background history and status of a device or other property prior to its sale or purchase.
  • Immobilise — The UK's National Property Register is a police endorsed, personal possession register where the public can securely record belongings pre-loss or theft.
  • Report My Loss — Allows the public to report lost property, including mobiles, jewellery, tools and more. Designed to increase the chances of recovering valued possessions and support insurance claims.
  • AssetWatch — Real-time asset protection for retail, logistics and finance organisations. Devices are continually monitored within Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem, preventing trade and notifying true owners of trading activity.
  • ClaimsCheck — Designed to stop insurance fraud at the point of claim, prevent devices with a settled claim from being traded, improving the chances of the rightful owner recovering their device.

Our Recipero solution is used by retailers, mobile operators, government and law enforcement agencies.

Product Highlights
  • Powerful fraud and crime prevention solution recognised as a ‘trusted third party’.

  • Grants access to relevant data to prevent crime involving mobile devices and personal property

  • Protects consumers and businesses

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