Age Verification - Protect your business from underage custom

Age Verification, part of TransUnions's suite of ID solutions, enables online retailers to instantly verify a consumers age. Age Verification

Online retailers have a regulatory requirement to protect minors from accessing age restricted products and services. Failure to do so not only breaks the law, leading to sanctions, heavy fines and loss of trade, it can also result in significant reputational damage.

TransUnion provides a complete online solution for Age Verification by checking the age and identity of your customers swiftly and with confidence.

Why use Age Verification?

  • The selling of age restricted goods requires compliance with the law and regulations
  • A new mandatory condition was introduced in 2014 to ensure that all those who sell or supply alcohol have an age verification policy in place requiring them to ask anyone who looks under 18 for proof of age
  • The new Conservative Government has plans to establish an independent regulator with the power to compel internet service providers (ISPs) to block websites which fail to include effective age verification

How to Verify Age Online

Protect your business and your customers with online age verification from TransUnion.

Using a comprehensive range of datasets, TransUnion's age verification system can confirm customer details are correct by referring to sources like the full Electoral Roll, passport information and the Directors at Home database to provide prompt authorisation.

Alongside age verification services, the solution can also check the bank account and card details of customers to provide an accurate anti-fraud check to further protect the business.

Key industry applications

  • Gaming
  • Betting
  • Alcohol sales
  • Relationship sites
  • Fireworks
  • Knives
  • Tobacco and e-cigarettes
  • Entertainment
  • Solvents

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