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Process Management - Task & Process Automation

Workflow characterisation and automation…

Map existing business processes, create opportunities for automation wherever possible, and ensure that any tasks that must be performed manually are ‘popped’ to an advisor with the most appropriate skills with all of the information they need to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

Make optimum use of your human resources, driving customer service excellence and SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance, simultaneously driving cost reduction through system-wide efficiency.

Benefits of process automation and streamlining platform:

  • Consistent customer experience across any customer service touchpoint or communication channel
  • Drive SLA compliance through prioritisation rules, automated reminders, and escalation
  • Reduces operational costs by maximising automation and pre-processing.
  • Manages all communications and events through controlled business processes
  • Single, consistent process models cover all channels and customer service points
  • Define any number of workflows to cover the operation – inbound, outbound, and internal
  • Drives full or partial automation, built upon information gathered in Enrichment
  • Works in partnership with Resource Manager to target specific advisor skills for any process or step
  • Extensibility features to integrate with externally managed processes

The platform has the following components:

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) allowing enquiry analysis and enrichment
  • Routing and sophisticated Workflow including automatic categorisation
  • Business Process modelling
  • Customer & Case Management
  • Knowledgebase and Content Management
  • Self-Service solutions that work seamlessly across all devices
  • Advisor desktop
  • Management Information

DecisionCX Task & Automation features:


Using robotic process automation technology can create huge efficiency gains for businesses and competitive edge. Through leveraging the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications, defining front and back office business transactions and processes the mapping the customer journeys and configuration of robotics can have huge business impacts.

Robotic process automation can:

  • Improve customer experiences
  • Improve operational performance of processes
  • Improve processing accuracy
  • Reduce attrition and retraining costs
  • Move employees onto higher-value tasks, improving staff morale and motivation
  • Address seasonal or unpredictable peaks in demand without the need to take on temporary staff and associated costs
  • Extend the economic use and life of legacy systems

Automations are configured by Business Process experts at Callcredit. The automations do not need to run an end to end process, they can pause to await an expert human decision before continuing if business rules require a manual overview for example. 

With Robotic Automation, every process step is recorded with the ability to report through Management Information to provide comprehensive business insight into the tasks for improvement and record.


Effective customer communications begins with a notification strategy.

Delivery valuable and timely information to your customers, partners and employees with proactive notification messages in the format they prefer most.

SMS, Email and Secure messaging can help reduce inbound enquiries, late payments or drive business growth. Notifications can be automated and enables businesses to deliver personalised notifications in all major geographies and languages. 

Whether you’re a financial services company needing to remind and update customers policies and employees time schedules, or a government entity needing to update a large amount of residents, a notifications strategy is a vital communication tool.

Benefits of notifications:

  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • Cost effective communication
  • Integrated in to case history, account or policy
  • Event triggered
  • Customer preferred channels (email, sms, letter)

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