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Employee Desktop - Multi-Channel

Managing your customer journey across all touchpoints…

DecisionCX Multi-Channel creates an integrated, customer-centric view across all touchpoints providing businesses with powerful tools for effective customer and channel management.

All inbound enquiries are combined into a single, managed workflow that automatically routes work to the right advisor or team. Routing decisions can be based on enquiry category, priority, Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance and advisor skillset as well as fully automated response handling.

Transform customer engagement and business process through a multi-channel approach which allows you to extract the maximum efficiency from your available resources to empower your advisors and create channel choice and exceptional experiences for your customers.

Our experienced consultancy teams and presales teams will work with you for faster implementation and integration, reusing existing legacy systems where necessary driving customer service improvements.

DecisionCX Multi-Channel features:


DecisionCX Interactive Email Management has been optimising business customer engagement strategy and reduces operational costs for over 15 years.

All inbound communications are linked to a case and customer providing a complete view of every interaction with the customer. In-scope email and phone interactions are managed through a single advisor desktop which removes the need to maintain and train advisors in multiple service applications.

DecisionCX Interactive Email helps:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase productivity of advisors
  • Improved visibility of operational performance
  • Quality assurance by improving quality, accuracy and consistency of customer communications
  • Improve resolution time and increase first time resolution rates
  • Improve customer experience

The platform does this by:

  • Identifying work type and routing it automatically to the appropriate teams
  • Prioritising and delivering the most important work to advisors
  • Automatically escalating and flagging work based on business SLAs
  • Working in real-time to provide flags if any new communication is received on a case being worked
  • Connecting any email by the same case/customer
  • Creating a comprehensive case history and merging cases with multiple entries


Call - Intelligent call queuing and customer history lookup streamlines your customer voice interactions. This empowers advisors to resolve enquiries in minimal time while still maintaining call quality and reducing call queue duration that maximises customer satisfaction and first time response rates.

 DecisionCX Interactive will:

  • Reduce call handling time and call queues, and minimise the amount of information needed from the customer
  • Increase first time resolution rates
  • Increase the quality of the customers call experience via informed advisors; both in terms of customer information and product & service knowledge

Provide your contact centre and advisors with the tools to deliver excellent customer experiences.

  • Where the caller is automatically identified, the full customer/case history is displayed alongside the call work item
  • Advisors can manually record call details and add notes
  • Where automatic identification isn’t available, advisors can retrieve existing customer or enquiry information using Find Case and Customer search capabilities
  • New telephony work items are generated to manage your conversations with customers

CTI - Within Callcredit Multi-Channel Solutions, CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) enquiries are treated the same way as all other interactions and are fully integrated as part of a streamlined business process to manage the enquiry through to successful resolution.

Streamlining and managing customer telephone enquiries helps:

  • Deliver all the value of your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system information via integration to our platform
  • Reduce call times with automatic customer history retrieval
  • Get straight to the customer’s issue, reducing call times and avoiding the need for further identity checks
  • Gain MI (Management Information) insight into the entire customer enquiry handling process and not just the length of the call as provided by telephony platforms

DecisionCX Interactive can:

  • Support a wide range of telephony (CTI) system integrations
  • Poll the telephony system for calls and captures the incoming enquiries, creating telephone work items, which are then popped to advisor’s screen
  • Enrich the telephone work item with the caller’s telephone number as a minimum, but if coupled with an IVR system, additional information can be passed through to our platform
  • Be used to pre-populate and search for the relevant customer record, removing, or at least reducing, the amount of data entry and searching required from the advisor, and therefore having a positive impact on Average Handling Times (AHT)
  • Pop the telephony work item and utilise platform features and functionality to handle the customers call

Letters & Documents

Despite the high rates of digital and voice communication, many customer segments and businesses rely on paper-based contact. This is especially true for customer complaints, form-based workflows such as claims and renewals, and legislative or compliance matters, many of which are vitally important to a business’s success.

It has a powerful underlying business process automation capability that allows the solution to handle complex workflows. The result significantly reduces the processing time and improves advisor and the back-office experience.

Transform letter and document based communication by:

  • Automating tasks: data completion, data verification, data checking, query response generation, outbound document production
  • Utilising predefined workflows for important processes including complaints, claims and renewals
  • Automatically escalating issues to advisors, supervisors or managers when business conditions or flags are met
  • Including centralised, self-learning knowledge base
  • Automatically interpreting inbound documents through proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology
  • Automatically structuring document libraries
  • Intelligently routing documents to relevant advisors, departments and workflows
  • Responding to inbound documents automatically through pre-defined templates
  • Providing comprehensive management information and reporting
  • Comprehensive audit and QA (Quality Assurance) processes that ensure highest possible outbound quality

DecisionCX Letters and Documents improves the speed and efficiency in handling letters and document communication.

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