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Employee Desktop - Integrated Desktop

Enabling and empowering employees to resolve queries quickly and efficiently…

The key to the Integrated Desktop’s power is its ability to surface all the information an advisor needs to provide a comprehensive, educated response to a customer’s enquiry, whatever the channel. All items of work, regardless of channel, are shown to advisors using a common interface with access to all relevant information. This simplifies training, improves handle times and enables advisor utilisation improvements.

Benefits of a unified Advisor Desktop include:

  • Operational cost reduction through unified desktop efficiencies
  • Reduced contact centre costs due speed of surfacing information no ‘alt tab-ing’ to different systems and applications
  • Reduced training costs due to intuitive design
  • Consistent, high-quality advisor experience 

The Advisor Desktop features:

  • A task-aware User Interface
  • Back-Office integration and automation for automatic data lookups
  • Unified Business Processing and Customer View including transaction and interaction history
  • Workforce Management across multiple channels
  • Channel specific content
  • A channel-specific document display, giving access to product information and customer documents provided via the Document Upload portal
  • Task-specific advisor guidance, including assisted response creation and next best action
  • Options to delay processing without breaching targets
  • Easy access to full customer/case history – automatically when identified during Enrichment process
  • Data entry validation to ensure the quality of both advisor responses and system data 

This same focus on information-driven assistance powers our suite of customer self-service tools – all wrapped in your company brand.

DecisionCX Integrated Desktop features:

Single Customer View

DecisionCX Interactive seamlessly integrates multiple channels into a single cohesive customer interaction solution that provides a single customer view and common business processing, to reduce operational costs dramatically.

Support for a range of inbound and outbound channels including Email, Telephony, Documents (whitemail), Webchat, Web forms and social channels. The solution manages interactions in all the supported channels the same way and can be configured to support additional methods of communication through further gateways of various types.

The role of the inbound gateway is to receive communications and translate them into work items for processing. Each channel may have multiple inbound gateways configured to operate in different ways, such as pointing to different physical servers.

All items of work regardless of channel are shown to advisors using a common interface with access to all relevant information. The advisor has access to all prior communications with the customer across all supported channels. This provides a unified view and enables them to give better quality responses tailored to the customer’s individual situation.

Benefits of a unified customer view:

  • Improves advisor handle times
  • Enables greater advisor utilisation and productivity
  • Consistent, high-quality advisor experience 
  • Integration to business applications, providing easy access to customer data 
  • Improves customer experiences
  • Simplifies training
  • Reduces operational costs

Integrated Process

Simplify your complex tasks and automate the simple tasks…

Through a combination of unified desktop, self-service capabilities, process automation and the streamlining of manual processes, DecisionCX Interactive is able to dramatically reduce the time and effort associated with the handling of customer queries and interactions, irrespective of whether they are simple enquiries or complex transactions.

Real-time process guidance and task automation through a unified, customer-centric view enhances advisor experiences. Workflows are designed to implement each business process and be channel agnostic, giving consistency across channels, and simplifying management reporting and control. Alternatively, workflows can include logic which varies the process to respect customer preference or to exploit cross-channel opportunities. [For example, if the customer has provided a mobile phone number, to send a brief SMS text message informing the customer of progress as well as a longer email response.]

Automate simple tasks and let your advisors handle the more complex and challenging enquiries to transform customer engagements. Give your customers the same tools to find the answers they want in their own time to improve their experience when dealing with your business.

  • Advisor Desktop & Underwriting
  • Self Service

Our experienced consultancy teams and presales teams will work with you to identify and streamline processes reusing existing legacy systems where necessary driving customer service improvements and efficiencies.

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