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Employee Desktop - Email Management

DecisionCX Interactive Email Management has been optimising business customer engagement strategy and reduces operational costs for over 15 years.

All inbound communications are linked to a case and customer providing a complete view of every interaction with the customer. In-scope email and phone interactions are managed through a single advisor desktop which removes the need to maintain and train advisors in multiple service applications.

DecisionCX Interactive Email helps:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase productivity of advisors
  • Improved visibility of operational performance
  • Quality assurance by improving quality, accuracy and consistency of customer communications
  • Improve resolution time and increase first time resolution rates
  • Improve customer experience

The platform does this by:

  • Identifying work type and routing it automatically to the appropriate teams
  • Prioritising and delivering the most important work to advisors
  • Automatically escalating and flagging work based on business SLAs
  • Working in real-time to provide flags if any new communication is received on a case being worked
  • Connecting any email by the same case/customer
  • Creating a comprehensive case history and merging cases with multiple entries

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