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DecisionCX Interactive - Employee Desktop

Enabling and empowering employees to resolve queries quickly and efficiently...

DecisionCX Employee Desktop is powerful team productivity and engagement management software that drives customer query resolution and employee productivity. With an intuitive interface that surfaces all the information an advisor needs to provide a comprehensive, educated response to a customer’s enquiry, the Employee Desktop can be implemented in large enterprise scale businesses or to small teams with the same outstanding performance.

The Employee Desktop can be deployed for different business requirements:

  • Multi-Channel
  • Integrated Desktop
  • Email Management

The Employee Desktop benefits businesses by improving advisor productivity and reducing operational costs by:

  • Provides a unified set of customer contact applications and features to efficiently handle customer enquiries
  • Presents customer history, channel information and writes to customer record
  • Skills based routing to teams or specific employees
  • Automation of routine operations
  • Utilises collaboration and escalation capabilities
  • Offers integration to business applications, providing easy access to customer data 
  • Provides comprehensive performance reports and metrics 
  • Reduced training times and employee onboarding

All of this benefits the customer experience of engaging and interacting with organisations and brands.

Employee Desktop applications:


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