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Data Driven Decisions - Data Products

We translate data into insight to empower businesses to make smarter decisions

Whether you need to refine your marketing strategy, assess credit risk and affordability, or conduct fraud and identity checks we have the data and people to help you make the best data-driven decisions.

The depth of our knowledge base and our ability to translate it into meaningful insight enables businesses and individuals to find clearer answers and make smarter decisions that ultimately enriches lives and creates more productive and rewarding relationships.

With data products to support business efficiencies and risk management at every stage of the customer lifecycle we can support your business to;

  • Market to, convert and acquire more customers for less cost
  • Manage credit risk and affordability 
  • Demonstrate regulatory transparency
  • Protect against fraud and verify identity
  • Retain the right customers
  • Manage collection and recovery activity

Our Data can be delivered within TransUnion DecisionCX and easily combined with the power of your internal or third party data, decision engine and customer interaction solutions. All of this capability is accessed through a single API to ensure you can efficiently manage your customer engagement process from a single view.

Dcx Data Hub W160

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