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A single product access point - Cosmos API

A Single Access Point to Open a Universe of Intelligence

Cosmos is a single API access point so you can integrate all of the power and capability of the full DecisionCX Platform in one implementation.

Changing too much at once during a transformational infrastructure project can be daunting and seen as an obstacle, so we designed the DecisionCX Platform to be modular so you can add further components when it suits your business’ needs without needing to access multiple APIs.

One master API

By future proofing your investment, you can reduce the reliance on internal IT teams to be agile and deliver the data, decision engine and customer interaction platform to give your business competitive advantage. Delivered in a Software as a Service model, benefits include;

  • Achieve return to investment more quickly
  • Aggregate data, combine previously disparate data sets
  • Use new insights within real-time decision rules
  • Ensure that customers and agents have accurate and quick knowledge across all customer touchpoints
  • Reduce costs of managing and maintaining multiple APIs
  • The ability to access the components you need, in a scalable and cost-effective manner

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