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Data Integration Tool - DecisionCX Data Hub

Improve your customer outcomes by transforming data into intelligence

The DecisionCX Data Hub improves business processes and decision making by integrating multiple and disparate data sources into one singular view.

Intelligent use of data creates insight which in turn informs action that delivers a competitive edge for your business. Consistently having access to the right information, at the right time, empowers you to make keeping your customers happy an easier task, encouraging customer loyalty and improving your businesses’ reputation.

Combine data from disparate sources

The DecisionCX Data Hub enables you to combine any data you need in a way that your systems can interpret. DecisionCX Data Hub simplifies the management of data consumption within legacy IT architecture constraints, ensuring historic investments are leveraged.

With DecisionCX Data Hub you will be able to;

  • Overcome legacy system constraints
  • Reduce reliance on internal IT projects and resource
  • Reduce the cost of change and improve time to value
  • Reduce the cost of data by being in a stronger supplier negotiating position
  • Improve business processes and decision making
  • Future proof – add new data sources when you need to

Quick and flexible installations

Data is a core component to our overall business so, as you’d expect, we have a wealth of experts to deliver your transformation project. This client led consultancy approach means you get what you need and you can also expect a quick delivery.

API Integration

DecisionCX is a single API access point so you can integrate all of the power and capability of the full DecisionCX Platform in one implementation.

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Data Products

Whether you need to refine your marketing strategy, assess credit risk and affordability, or conduct fraud and identity checks we have the data and people to help you make the best data-driven decisions.

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