TransUnion is the new trading name of Callcredit in the UK. The usual high levels of service and products will continue as normal whilst we update the brand over the coming months.

Customer Service - Secure Portal

Secure Portal responsive solutions allow customers to serve themselves using any device with intuitive, brand aligned functionality ensuring the customer can easily complete a transaction, find an answer to a query, resolve a problem or quickly escalate an issue.

Through a number of self-help tools, businesses can be confident of delivering exceptional customer experiences whilst reducing inbound enquiries to the contact centre.

Self Service solutions:

  • Allow customers to serve themselves at any time with access to the information that is most critical to them
  • Ensure that customers can serve themselves on the PC, tablets and smartphones through responsive design whilst enjoying the same engaging experiences
  • Provide customers with search capabilities backed by comprehensive knowledge base with relevant content highlighted to match their needs
  • Show dynamic FAQs including updates from the contact centre to make sure information is current and of most benefit to the customer with automated ranking to show most popular first per category
  • Contain secure messaging for important communications
  • Allow customers to see a complete case history of all their interactions across all channels
  • Are multi-language and multi-brand compatible
  • Have comprehensive Management Information (MI) through activity capture including Google Tag Manager for insight into how customers use available services to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience and the effectiveness of the services provided
  • Allow customers to request assistance at any time via escalation points such as Webchat or Email forms

DecisionCX Secure Portal features:

FAQ Platform

Customer issues typically fall into common categories, meaning that you can pre-empt expensive support channels like telephone calls by placing suggested solutions online for customers to help themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions supporting multiple languages and automated promotion based on popularity can pre-filter customer enquiries before offering a costlier channel such as Webchat, or can be the customer’s ultimate destination for enquiry resolution.

The benefits of FAQs:

  • Offer customers access to 24/7 support resources, whether advisors are online or not
  • Reduce incoming enquiries through relevant, contextually-surfaced self-help knowledge
  • Can be offered contextually to online customers, driven by your business rules
  • Support fully localised content extending to a brands global network

The solutions can:

  • Offer guided knowledge filtered by enquiry type, brand, and language
  • Promote knowledge based on usage data, surfacing the most popular questions first
  • Allow configuration and, where necessary, restrict content, as well as to define keywords to improve discovery through Knowledge tools
  • Promote deflection via dedicated FAQ, including Hot Topics – the top five FAQs across all enquiry types – and those FAQs flagged as important using the Knowledge tools
  • Enable content reuse across multiple enquiry types and all FAQ-based tiles
  • Can be exposed within the DecisionCX Interactive Single Advisor Desktop, providing consistent knowledge across all customer contacts


Webchat can be embedded into your customer portals to offer a cheaper alternative to telephone enquiries, allowing customers to initiate chats when they need immediate support for purchasing decisions or issues. With support for multiple chat sessions available to experienced advisors, Webchat is a cost-effective solution for time-critical enquiries.

Webchat benefits a business by:

  • Being a more cost-effective alternative to telephone support, while still providing a personal contact point
  • Being offered contextually to online customers, driven by business rules
  • Supporting fully localised content extending a brand throughout your global network
  • Increasing advisor productivity levels

Webchat helps businesses stay ahead by:

  • Offering customers one-to-one contact with Contact Centre advisors
  • Allowing skilled advisors to manage multiple chat sessions within the unified advisor desktop
  • Providing chat options based on the availability of skilled advisors within specific time slots, driven by Workforce Management categorisation of advisors by enquiry type, brand, and language
  • Offering chat availability based on your business rules
  • Ensuring the quality of the chat request data via mandatory fields and field validation using regular expressions
  • Wrapping the chat request in structured data using Knowledge tools to drive drop-down lists, from which the customer can define the context of their enquiry
  • Configuring content to display after the chat completes, again managed within the Knowledge tools

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging between a customer and organisation ensures a safe and trusted conversation channel when communicating sensitive, financial or personal information.

As part of an online portal or my account area, customers can be sure their information is secure and differs from regular messaging by enabling organisations to guarantee the identity of the customer sending a message.

Benefits of Secure Messaging:

  • Assured delivery of the message to the intended recipient
  • Security and encryption of the message
  • Integrated in to the customer record and case history
  • Response notification alerting the customer a new message has been received
  • Integrated in to the customer record and case history
  • Prioritisation and categorisation of messages and customers
  • Single customer interface or My account or online portal
  • Improved customer experience

Web Forms

Web Forms offer customers a flexible, branded interaction point where they can leave details of their enquiry knowing the support team will come back to them at their convenience.

Email Us

Email Us - can be deployed into web pages or customer portals to offer accessible, 24/7 access to your contact centre. Either offer the tile upfront, or wrap the option in to FAQs to deflect enquires ensuring the customer has every option to help themselves before getting in touch.

Email Us is used to:

  • Deflect enquiries into a cheaper self-help channel
  • Offered contextually to online customers, driven by your business rules
  • Support fully localised content extending a brand throughout their international or global network 

Features that enable this are:

  • Easily to initiate email conversations via a form that can be embedded within existing web or mobile applications
  • Ensuring quality of email data via mandatory fields and field validation using regular expressions
  • Wrapping the communication in structured data using Knowledge tools to drive drop-down lists, from which customers can define the context of their enquiry
  • Configuring a confirmation page managed within the Knowledge tools

Call Back

Call Back - request forms are a convenient and on-demand contact scheduling tool that improve a customer experience with a brand.

Call queuing can be such a frustration for customers that it can deter them from getting in touch, or it can leave a bad impression even after a successful first-time resolution. By empowering customers to schedule the contact themselves, they feel in control of the exchange, and businesses can take more control of call queues.

Call Back is used to:

  • Support forward-planning of call volumes, as Call Back requests can be given a different priority to incoming calls
  • Allow customers to easily request a call back via a form that can be embedded within your existing web or mobile applications
  • Specify time slots within which call back requests can be made, and allow customers to specify the time within those slots

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