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Customer Service - Document Upload

During a customer relationship, there is an inherent cost in the receipt of customer documents, specifically the cost of pre-paid envelopes and the manual handling of the opening and scanning process.

The Self Service Document Upload portal allows customers to upload images and PDFs of their documents from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, delivering the content into a business on time, virus-free, and securely.

Secure, self-service customer document collection:

  • Reduces the cost and time in collating customer documentation
  • Guarantees identity by ensuring that the uploaded documents are from the logged-in user
  • Allows uploads from phone cameras, minimising friction for the user

Features of the solution:

  • Supports specific file type uploads from mobile, tablet, and desktop:
    • Image file types (GIF, JPEG, etc.)
    • PDFs
    • All uploaded files are scanned for viruses in real-time
  • Data security:
    • Uploaded documents are encrypted while queued for processing
    • All customer data remains within the European Union at all times
  • Automated email confirmation following a successful upload
  • Self-service support via an online user guide
  • Secure portal features such as FAQ, Webchat, Web Forms and Secure Messaging

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