Single Customer View - the ultimate customer management goal

Creating a Single Customer View (SCV), across all business channels and brands has always been complex and challenging, but in the recession it has never been more important. Now major UK lenders have to create a Single Customer View to work within the requirements of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

TransUnion can provide a comprehensive database of group relationships, enabling you to make better cross sell and up sell decisions, spot early signs of debt stress and improve your management across the customer lifecycle.

The SCV has always been the ultimate customer management goal for complex, multi-channel lenders.

The structure of TransUnion's data bureau uniquely allows us to link all financial records with the correct individual upon receipt.  Therefore we can generate a single customer view of your customers that encompasses all their financial relationships both quickly and accurately.  We can also process your customers' 'unconsented' accounts and can return them to you, as part of your Single Customer View solution.

We can provide the SCV data in a number of flexible ways to suit you.

TransUnion has invested in both real time web service delivery and in database hosting and maintenance, both of which minimise IT integration costs and enables you to leverage the benefits of the data without having to rely heavily on scarce internal resources.