MOGObankconnectEmpower your customers to share their online banking transaction data for more granular, real-time income and expenditure assessments

MOGObankconnect provides your customers with the facility to simply, securely and quickly package up their online banking transactional data, providing a uniquely fast way to verify and transmit financial data and bank statements. 

MOGObankconnect’s single use digital app is a sealed smart browser enabling customers to securely share their relevant information. Customers do not need to disclose any of their online logins to anyone other than their online banking provider, and their credentials are never handled by any third party server.

The customers' online banking data is processed and encrypted in transit, then transmitted to you to enable smarter decisions and better outcomes for your customer.

Unlike other third party systems, customer online login credentials are only ever seen by your customer and their online banking provider. Their credentials are not stored and your customer is in complete control.

Why MOGObankconnect?

  • Increase your customer acquisition rates by gaining valuable information on new credit entrants or individuals with limited credit information
  • Eliminate the delays caused by sourcing documentation
  • A new and innovative method of digitally interacting with customers
  • Remove resource intensive and costly obstacles from your operation, reducing friction in the application process
  • Improve your customers' experience and differentiate from competitors
  • Reduce the risk of tampering by removing the reliance on paper documentation
  • Help address regulatory concerns on affordability
  • Significantly reduce the end to end timeframe of the whole acquisition process