Daily Alerts

Recent analysis on changes in customer accounts shows that over a three month period, over 50% of all customers experience some change in their credit profile

We have the resources and technology to monitor the financial activity of your existing customers, in detail, every day. With this information you can be alerted to early warning signs of debt stress so you act promptly and accordingly in your credit management strategies.

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Our tools allow you to monitor customer payment patterns, changes in balances, failed payments associated with other credit commitments and legal notifications regarding debt.

How CallMonitor works

This service is simple and easy to use. Just send your source files to TransUnion and we will process them and identify any alerts. We will send your triggered alerts on a daily basis as and when there are changes to your customers' credit profiles. Alternatively, if you allow us to monitor your SHARE submission portfolio, CallMonitor will send your triggered alerts on a daily basis. 

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