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CAMEO Income - understand spend capacity through earnings segments by postcode

Household income levels can be highly discriminative
when segmenting your customer files, as earnings more often than not impose limits on a consumer's purchasing power and buying behaviour.

CAMEO Income provides a powerful postcode level classification to help you understand your current customers and target or screen prospects based on these insights. It divides the UK consumer universe into 8 income groups which are further broken down into 48 typologies.

As well as data on both individual and household incomes, a wide range of factors have been introduced into the modelling process. These include occupations, directorships, shareholdings, gender, location, part-time working, unemployment levels, tax credits, pension rates and student grants and loans.

By using a range of key government research reports, including the Family Resources Survey (FRS) and the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), to calibrate the system, we are confident that CAMEO Income provides an accurate and reliable reflection of today's society.

CAMEO Income can be used in isolation or to enhance targeting selections from the other CAMEO Classifications.

For more information download the CAMEO Income reference table