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Detailed consumer insight to help you find more of your best customers in the UK

With 6 area segmentations in the UK we have one of the largest range of consumer classifications in the marketplace.

Local Area segmentations for the UK:

CAMEO UK A postcode classification for assessing the socio-economic and geo-demographic characteristics of UK neighbourhoods
CAMEO Income A postcode based classification system for assessing levels of affluence through household income
CAMEO Financial A postcode classification system for assessing credit risk through County Court Judgments, Bankruptcies and IVAs
CAMEO Unemployment A 20 group post sector based classification for assessing levels of economic hardship and poverty through unemployment levels
CAMEO Property A postcode classification for assessing wealth and the cost of living through property prices and council tax bands
CAMEO Welfare A postcode classification for assessing neighbourhood deprivation


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