Identify local demand and consumer level spend on your company's products and services with CAMEO Expenditure

What is your organisation’s market local share at a neighbourhood level? Which high-demand areas should your company be targeting? What ‘share of wallet’ do you have of your existing clients’ total spend in your sector? Understand this and more using TransUnions’s accurate, powerful expenditure intelligence.

Powerful Expenditure & Local Demand Intelligence

TransUnion provide annual expenditure in local currency (e.g. €, USD $, £ GBP) across multiple products and services (80+ categories in most markets) that are directly relevant to your business. Enhance your customer segmentation and modelling activities by overlaying your transactional data with CAMEO Expenditure’s powerful behaviour indicators.

You can combine the ‘what’ with the ‘why’ by linking CAMEO Expenditure’s spending behaviour with the powerful consumer insight of CAMEO. Use CAMEO to identify ‘who’ your existing customers are and then overlay with CAMEO Expenditure to find which lookalike prospects are also spending big on your organisation’s products and services.

  • Focus marketing/branch networks on high demand, high potential areas
  • Understand headroom - which existing clients are likely to be also spending with your competitors?
  • Combine with CAMEO's Global Customer Segmentation to identify high-spending prospects with high propensity to use your brand

Granular, sector-specific indicators, relevant to your brand

Over 80 indicators are available, specific and relevant to your company's products and services. Key measures are available in diverse categories including:

  1. Financial services - Insurance, social protection
  2. Retail - Grocery, clothing, footwear
  3. Housing - Rent, mortgage payments, repair, decoration
  4. Telco - Broadband, telephone, TV
  5. Automotive - Vehicles purchase, vehicle repair
  6. Utility - Gas, water, electricity
  7. Pharmaceutical - Health, medical drugs
  8. Leisure/Travel - Holidays, recreation, culture, books

Prove the Value of CAMEO Expenditure at No Cost

Your company can understand the power of CAMEO Expenditure via a no cost proof-of-concept exercise. Contact us today to discuss a free test.