South Africa's leading demographic segmentation data

CAMEO South Africa reveals valuable marketing intelligence on South African consumers. Perfect for database modelling, customer relationship management strategies and site selection, CAMEO helps you improve ROI and reduce marketing spend.

CAMEO South Africa has been built at Sub Place level using the latest census from the country.

50 categories organised into 11 key marketing groups

Group Description
1 Wealthy Households
2 Urban Affluence
3 Middle Class Society
4 Comfortable Communities
5 Settled Households
6 Striving Neighbourhoods
7 Strained Society
8 Agricultural Adversity
9 Modest Means
10 Edge of Town Toil

CAMEO South Africa variables are:

  • Adult Age
  • Internet Access
  • Presence of Children 
  • Education
  • Household Size
  • IncomeFocus
  • Marital Status

Part of a global suite:

  • CAMEO has unrivalled global coverage and is available for over 35 markets