Customer and Market Insight with CAMEO Poland

Organisations in Poland can recruit and retain more customers, select ‘best’ locations for branches and manage credit/insurance risk using Callcredit’s CAMEO consumer intelligence.

Understand ‘Who’ Your Customers Are In Poland

Using just a set of customer addresses or branch locations, CAMEO will reveal exactly who your customers are using descriptors such as age, gender, property size, family composition, income, occupation and tenure.

CAMEO Poland segments consumers using 48 descriptive categories and 10 discriminative marketing groups. Additional CAMEO Analysis variables allow key factors such as presence of children, adult age, household income and access to technology to be understood.

Boost Customer Acquisition & Retention

Once your customer profile has been understood, identify where in Poland look-a-like individuals live and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of your existing customers taking product X share the characteristics of those customers that take product Y?
  • Which towns and cities in Poland have many individuals matching the profile of your most loyal, high value customers?
  • Where should you look to open your next branch / retail outlet?

CAMEO can also be used to develop personalised, relevant marketing messaging to your existing customers and new prospects.

Rich Consumer Insight

CAMEO is the most discriminative and granular segmentation system currently available in Poland. Because the 20,600 5-digit postcodes in Poland contain an average of 1,900 consumers, CAMEO Poland has been built at a unique gmina/postcode geography containing over 88,000 zones. Polish marketers can therefore perform analysis at a level of geography containing just 150 households per zone. A wide array of transactional, government and census data-sources have been combined to create CAMEO Poland, giving organisations access to an easy-to-use yet powerful classification system.

Powerful Cross-Border Analysis

Organisations operating across Poland’s neighbours of Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria can replicate analysis across borders using Callcredit’s single CAMEO International lookup codes. Once your customer profile has been understood in one nation, instantly identify lookalikes across the rest of Europe using a single, easy-to-interpret classification language. CAMEO is available across 35 nations globally and is used by some of the world’s biggest brands across sectors such as retail, financial services, telco, utilities and automotive.

Prove the Power of CAMEO Poland Today

Contact us today to understand how your organisation can increase revenues and reduce cost using Callcredit’s powerful CAMEO intelligence. Example cases of personalised CAMEO insight can be shared with you free-of-charge to prove the value of better understanding your customers and markets with CAMEO Poland.

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