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Customer and Market Insight with CAMEO Australia

Better understand your customers and markets with TranUnion’s CAMEO Australia consumer segmentation and classification system.

CAMEO Analysis For Australia

Truly know your customers by revealing insights such as their age, household composition, house type, tenure, mortgage cost, income, employment sector, car ownership and internet usage with CAMEO Australia.

CAMEO Australia is provided at the ultra-granular Meshblock level. With over 358,000 zones in Australia and an average of just 30 households and 64 people within each.

CAMEO provides the following, descriptive variables as standard:

  • Presence of children
  • Adult age

Additional variables to assist with more specialised analysis are also available on request.

CAMEO can be used to segment consumers using 51 descriptive categories and 10 discriminative marketing groups:

Group Description Household %
1 Urban Affluence 11.15%
2 Flourishing Professionals 15.13%
3 Comfortable Neighbourhoods 12.32%
4 Enterprising Households 10.43%
5 Content Communities 11.64%
6 Aspiring Out-Of-Towners 9.64%
7 Home Sweet Home 7.21%
8 Modest Means 7.98%
9 On A Budget 6.26%
10 Strained Society 6.22%

Your customer records can be appended with CAMEO intelligence quickly, easily and securely via our in-house bureau service or CAMEO-Online web-portal.

Discover the Power of CAMEO Australia Today

Contact us today to understand how your organisation can increase revenues and reduce cost using Callcredit’s powerful CAMEO intelligence. Example cases of personalised CAMEO insight can be shared with you free-of-charge to prove the value of better understanding your customers and markets with CAMEO Australia.

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