High-Definition Understanding of Canadian Consumers

Organisations in Canada can transform their CRM analytics, branch rationalisation/ opening strategies and claim/risk modelling using Canada’s most powerful, up-to-date and discriminative consumer segmentation system.

Newly rebuilt in 2014, CAMEO Canada exposes ‘who’ your customers are, how and where to recruit high-value lookalikes and ways to increase the value of existing clients.

Reveal Exactly ‘Who’ Your Customers Are

CAMEO injects rich personality and context into otherwise ambient customer / account address records. 54 discriminative codes unmask the identify of your customers using critical attributes such as income, presence of children, age, level of education, transiency, tenure and property size.

Take Your Customer Modelling Activities to the Next Level

Brands across verticals including insurance, financial services, retail, travel and telecoms use CAMEO to transform their customer data modelling activities.

Existing clients report significant success when using CAMEO to power their analytical work:

  1. Customer acquisition – customer recruitment costs can be cut by 20% by locating high-potential ‘hot’ prospects
  2. Customer retention – by understanding ‘who’ each customer is – relevant messaging and tonality can be delivered to different segments – campaign response can be augmented by 40%
  3. Customer development – fuel your cross/up-sell models with CAMEO – existing clients report that customer lifetime value can be increased by 100% with CAMEO
  4. Claim / risk understanding – Insurers including Allianz and AXA rely on Callcredit data to optimize policy pricing, understand claim risk and align marketing and risk strategies

Prove the Power of CAMEO Canada Today

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