Global Customer Segmentations - targeting the world

All over the world marketers have the same challenges: to understand who their customers are, where they live and what they 'look like'.

CAMEO provides a unique series of powerful and discriminative consumer classification systems developed to assess the socio-economic and geodemographic profiles of neighbourhoods across the world. It enables marketers and analysts to segment, profile and analyse customers and markets, using this intelligence for database marketing, customer segmentation exercises and network planning.

CAMEO intelligence helps organisations locate and target profitable consumer types and develop successful customer retention and value building strategies. It also provides retail and media planners an acute understanding of geographical markets and the consumers they serve, ensuring that local marketing initiatives are implemented with utmost confidence.

CAMEO International Customer Classifications

Not only can we provide individual CAMEO classifications for 35 nations, we also have a CAMEO international code built into each of TransUnion's international classifications. 25 international codes provide a bridge between markets allowing users to find similar CAMEO segments worldwide based on affluence and lifestage, enabling a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.


IncomeFocus can identify affluence levels across more than 30 nations by providing an accurate income measure at an ultra-granular level in local currency. Using comprehensive datasets IncomeFocus will reveal exactly who can afford to spend what.

CAMEO segments consumers worldwide and is built using the latest available Census, Government and commercial data. We have the following directories available:

Cameo Global Map Sept 2017 Updated

With the launch of TransUnion’s latest version of CAMEO Australia. The fifth version of the CAMEO geodemographic classification that allows organisations to segment their customers, to help them drive better marketing results.

TransUnion partner with several global marketing organisations to increase the number of worldwide organisations implementing CAMEO. We spoke to one of these partners, Pitney Bowes and their Senior Product Manager of Global Demographics, Dr Andy Peloe, about why they use CAMEO and in particular CAMEO Australia.

"We are really pleased that TransUnion have re-built CAMEO Australia as this will allow us to continue to support our current CAMEO customers and to build upon that base in the Australian Market. Our clients in Australia use CAMEO in a number of ways, which allows them to identify target prospects accurately, understand their customers’ context, and use CAMEO insight to build profitable customers by increasing lifetime value. They tell us that having a refreshed version of CAMEO will allow them to continue to make informed business decisions and engage with consumers in the most appropriate and effective way, using up-to-date insight.

We have been a partner of TransUnion (formally Callcredit) for 4 years and this has allowed us to not only provide our clients with detailed socio-economic insight into their customers, but also provide the cross-border link with the CAMEO International code for those who run global operations. We hope to work with TransUnion in the years to come as they look to build new classifications and refresh existing ones, like they have here with CAMEO Australia."

View and download CAMEO Tables- Quick reference tables summarise the key demographic & socio-economic characteristics of each group & category