Acute longevity understanding with global consumer demographic data

Reinsurers, life/medical insurers and pension providers across the globe rely on TransUnion to help them predict longevity and mortality more accurately.

Our CAMEO socioeconomic data is available in over 35 markets enabling you to calibrate and enhance the power of your mortality models.

Recognising global life expectancy via this 360° view of consumers and policyholders allows you to better understand claim risk and price annuities in an optimal way.

Global Consumers Under the Microscope

TransUnion combine multiple, disparate government (e.g. Census), transactional and survey datasets across over 35 markets.

Small geographical zones (e.g. neighbourhoods or postcode/ZIP codes) are attached with a powerful, discriminative CAMEO code revealing exactly ‘who’ lives there, together with a suite of additional, supporting attributes.

Insurers and reinsurers can use this intelligence to understand factors that are proven to correlate strongly with longevity, including:

• Affluence / Income
• Occupation
• Deprivation
• Unemployment / Economic Inactivity
• Educational Attainment
• Population Density
• Marital Status

Consumer behaviour can be placed under the microscope using TransUnion’s CAMEO Expenditure insight. Reveal demand/household spend at a small geographical level (e.g. postcode in the UK) to appreciate consumption of key products/services such as:

• Tobacco products
• Alcoholic beverages
• Health practitioner’s fees
• Sport fees (i.e. gym membership)

Compliant and Maximum Coverage

While TransUnion hold data at a household (e.g. number of bedrooms) and individual (e.g. gender, age) level in many markets, most clients choose to take our longevity suite at an aggregated neighbourhood level. This offers a number of benefits to insurance and reinsurance clients:

  • Callcredit’s consumer data is provided at a level that is granular for insight yet aggregated up to an anonymised level. 
  • Match-rates are optimised by appending information at a neighbourhood level and often achieve rates of near 100%
  • Matching can be performed in a secure fashion by the client, either via a CAMEO directory or through TransUnion’s secure CAMEO-Online portal.

Prove the Value of CAMEO via a No-Cost Test

Our experienced consultants will work with you to prove the business case for investing in TransUnion's powerful mortality/longevity intelligence suite.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and understand how your organisation can prove the value of CAMEO via a pilot test.

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