The Affordability Suite - calculate your customers' risk and affordability to improve propensity to pay

Examine and assess with confidence the ability to collect new debt from your customer's income with TransUnion's Affordability Suite.

This powerful tool in the responsible lending armoury enables you to base your recommendations on the future and present level of customer affordability, rather than simply assessing their history.

Unique to the marketplace, you can only gain a complete picture of your customers affordability with access to our income data.

TransUnion have identified that over-indebtedness exists in customers who have a high asset to income ratio and we have developed a suite of indicators and scores:

Unsecured Affordability Indicator - highlights individuals with an unsecured debt to income ratio of 20:1 or higher.

Secured Affordability Indicator - highlights individuals with repayments on secured lending taking up to 80% or more of their income.

The Affordability Check - on-line delivery system for the Unsecured Affordability Indicator. In addition, it will give an indication of salary accuracy, summary bureau and single customer view.

Over-Indebtedness Score - predicts the probability of an individual becoming over-indebted then defaulting.

Why TransUnion?

TransUnion has an unrivalled understanding of the Collection industry's needs and has developed a range of innovative information solutions. These solutions enable our clients to optimise their return on investment.