Helping you to develop a customer-centric strategy

Monitor your customers

Keep track of changes to your customer's financial situation or spending patterns with CallMonitor. Our software will alert you to missed payments, new CCJs or significant balance changes within your customer’s credit files. This up-to-date information enables you to initiate timely contact with your customers to query their financial status, implement appropriate repayment plans or collect money owed to you.

With CallMonitor you will receive a daily file of accounts that need urgent attention enabling you to make swift decisions, contact customers before they default and ultimately aid your debt recovery.

Assess customer affordability

Our Affordability Suite of products allows you to plan your collections strategy to ensure that you pinpoint the individuals who have disposable income and a high propensity to pay. We provide your collectors with the information they need to assess an individual's affordability levels so they can agree on a sustainable repayment plan quickly and efficiently.

Build a Single Customer View

We allocate a unique DataDNA number at an individual level, allowing you to identify a customer even if they have changed their name or address. By using only quality individual level data you can be confident that you hold the correct details for your customers.

Profile and segment your customers

Our consultants will work with you to understand your collections strategy and build bespoke scorecards and data models that set the right parameters for your business. Our scorecards and models can help you to:

  • Profile and segment your customers 
  • Allocate the most appropriate contact strategy for each individual customer
  • Work out your customers propensity-to-pay before you initiate contact

Your own personalised collections screen

Create your own bespoke collector desktop tool which displays the information you need, where you need it. Select which data variables are vital to your decision making strategy and display them on one screen, giving your collectors everything they need to make fast and informed decisions when speaking to customers.

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