Helping you to become best in class

At the heart of TransUnion’s proposition is our commitment to helping you make smarter, more accurate decisions. Through our experienced team of specialist consultants and analysts we can recommend and support you with collections strategies. Additionally, our consultancy team can advise you on which concepts are typically the most predictive data variables and offer more in-depth consultancy around Propensity to Pay models, Decision Tree Analysis, Book on Segmentation, Litigation Decisioning and Scorecards.

Our wealth of expertise, innovation and dedication ensure our clients receive unrivalled levels of service, whether supporting ongoing activities, transferring from another data provider or launching a new operation.

We can help you with:

  • Health Checks
  • Scorecards
  • CallMonitor Consultancy
  • Integrated Collections Data Consultancy
  • Litigation Decisioning
  • Selling and Purchasing

TransUnion offers a wide range of consultancy services and want to work with you to understand your business needs and discuss where we can help. Talk to a member of our consultancy team to find out more.

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