Trace and locate debtors with CallTrace - our high quality customer tracing service

Do you find that your customers have moved without providing a forwarding address? Do you struggle to recover bad debts? Find your debtors and locate your existing customers with CallTrace, our accurate and reliable tracing service.

Our trace debtor tools uses a powerful customer tracing database to help find debtors who disappear

CallTrace uses TransUnion's powerful Trace Database and enables users to confidently trace an individual in seconds against various data sources. These include address links, date of birth matching, occupier searching, deceased data, judgement data, telephone and Electoral Roll.

TransUnion process over 3 million trace requests each month with a reported mis-trace rate of less than 0.0001%

CallTrace enables you to easily enter known personal details such as full name, last known address and date of birth. Immediately producing a report detailing address links, residency, judgement data, land registry and deceased details. CallTrace also includes powerful full audit trail functionality.

The batch process enables you to provide data for individuals you are chasing as an input file. The format of the data allows for different datasets and address links to be searched for each record if required. CallTrace is designed for accuracy with any ambiguous or high risk leads removed from the process. The CallTrace database contains millions of linked addresses that are updated on a continuous basis. These address links are formed from a variety of dynamic sources.

CallTrace provides information from multiple datasets which, when used in combination can provide additional confirmation that a customer is at an address.

Effective debtor tracing services

The locating of dormant account holders or trying to reunite clients with their assets can be a protracted and onerous exercise. You need to have confidence in the data and ensure that the addresses provided are accurate.

If you would prefer to receive a Batch version of CallTrace, there are a number of extra datasets which can be searched including learned links, implied links, and date of birth exact matching, occupier searching, phone number matching and propensity to pay scoring.

Why TransUnion?

TransUnion has an unrivalled understanding of the Collection industry's needs and has developed a range of innovative information solutions. These solutions enable our clients to optimise their return on investment.

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