CallMonitor - the UK's Leading Daily Alerts Service

Keep up to date with your customers financial situation to help make quick decisions and reduce bad debt

By enabling you to monitor events such as missed payments, significant total balance changes, new County Court Judgments (CCJs), new accounts, insolvencies and self-cure notices, CallMonitor helps you manage your debt portfolio more effectively.

Daily triggers allow you to decide whether to activate or rest clients and therefore streamline your collections processes.

Recent analysis on changes in customer accounts shows that over a three month period, over 50% of all customers experience some change in their credit profile. 

Why choose CallMonitor?

  • We have more than 250 triggers that allow for more tailored solutions
  • We are able to give context to the current trigger in the light of what's happened in the last month, by way of counts
  • We are able to provide packets of triggers that are tailored towards Risk, Collections and Recoveries or Fraud avoidance objectives
  • We can conduct retro analysis to tailor solutions and help generate the business case and insight ahead of implementation.

Why TransUnion?  

TransUnion has an unrivalled understanding of the Collection industry's needs and has developed a range of innovative information solutions. These solutions enable our clients to optimise their return on investment. 

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