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Risk, Trust & Behaviour

Harness digital device attributes to identify risk and establish trust.

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Analyse cutting-edge data points to secure and streamline the customer journey

As customers adopt new technologies and digital channels to engage with businesses they expect a smooth, fast and seamless online experience. To be confident that you’re dealing with a genuine customer, contact data is becoming increasingly important for communications, document exchanges and secure authentication.

Balancing a positive online customer experience and being confident that customers using multiple devices to access online services are who they say they are, can be tricky. How do you deliver the streamlined journey your customers expect whilst also ensuring adequate checks are in place to prevent fraudulent behaviour?

A key way to design a seamless, secure digital journey is by leveraging technology and behaviour data to verify consumer identity and reduce fraud threats. Over the years we’ve built our own solutions, combining our fraud expertise with billions of data points from TU and iovation and building tools to inspect an applicant’s digital footprint, analysing key attributes such as:

  • Device including whether the device is linked to the customer, is the device identity or IP being blocked, do the location and language settings match what would be expected?
  • Mobile number, carrier, phone type, registered address and roaming status
  • Email address behaviour, history and server information
  • Behaviour checks such as whether identity details are being re-used multiple times

Checking data points latently present throughout the application process is a low-friction, non-intrusive way to verify customers are who they say they are and ensures that your genuine buyers move smoothly through the journey whilst fraudulent activity is identified and action taken.

With 98% of identity fraud being committed online, establishing trust helps protect your business and genuine customers. As approaches employed by fraudsters evolve, it’s vital to counter threats with configurable, agile solutions and quickly update rules to provide alerts that align with your own fraud procedures.

Enabling digital trust with email, mobile and device checks

Product Highlights
  • Non-intrusive solution that requires no consumer interaction to provide valuable additional insight when assessing the fraud risk presented

  • Flexible and customisable, deploy checks through a single API and remove and adopt new modules in response to changing patterns of fraud behaviour

  • Easily allows rules to be deployed for additional checks when certain risk criteria are met/not met

  • Streamlines the customer journey helping to reduce abandonment rates

  • Improves operational efficiency through digitisation, eliminating manual referrals or interventions

  • Harnesses iovation technology and expertise

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