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Multifactor Authentication

Empower consumers with simple, personalised authentication.

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Multifactor Authentication Feature

Here’s what you can do with Multifactor Authentication.

Extend the authentication capabilities of consumers’ mobile devices. Our multifactor authentication technology offers businesses and consumers powerful authentication that’s secure, flexible and simple.

Get TruValidate Multifactor Authentication

Conduct comprehensive authentication checks

Our solution employs three types of authentication: consumer-known data (pins or swipe patterns), consumer equipment (Bluetooth or device), and personal information (biometrics).

Mitigate risk and attack vectors

Decentralised, anonymous architecture keeps the authentication process separate from the application, keeping encrypted credentials distributed on each consumer’s device.

Help prevent account takeover

Consumers can use a single authenticator across all online and offline touchpoints of your business to minimse fraud risks.

Designed for flexible integration

Multifactor Authentication can be leveraged with any online service, regardless of the server platform or authentication systems.

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