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ID Verification and Anti-Money Laundering solutions

Validate an applicant’s identity electronically using a wide range of datasets.

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Complement your onboarding strategy with comprehensive ID verification and AML checks.

In an ever-evolving fraud landscape, organisations are constantly challenged to effectively identify and combat fraud whilst ensuring excess friction isn’t added to the customer journey. In essence, they’re under significant pressure to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Our comprehensive suite of ID verification tools can help protect your business and customers while building trust through positive digital experiences. Tapping into our robust and broad data sources enables you to verify more consumers with less manual intervention and friction, thus delivering a smoother customer journey. We offer the ability to confirm identities in over 135 countries and seamlessly validate 3000+ identity documents — when additional verification is required. Returning document data can also be used to populate an application to enhance the customer experience (CX).

With front-end customer document and selfie capture, our Document Verification and Facial Recognition solution enables real-time, online verification through your customer’s device. Reduce fraud risk by validating data, security features and authenticity against more than 3,000 ID documents from over 200 countries. Confirm ID matches by capturing customer selfies, along with a few seconds of live video, to validate proof of life. The tool can be branded with your logo, content, and terms and conditions for a consistent user experience, and can be easily integrated into your mobile SDK, website or via standalone app. Where additional compliance checks are needed, the document data capture return feature allows you to set up customised triggers, to ensure your business rules are aligned with your risk appetite and regulatory requirements.

Providing robust ID Verification and screening against watchlists, our Anti-Money Laundering solutions (AML) can help you meet regulatory obligations while mitigating the financial impact of fines and lost business due to adverse publicity.

Enabling digital trust with identity verification

Product Highlights
  • Designed to help support its users achieve regulatory compliance

  • Prevents fraud by returning warning flags associated to fraud risk

  • Enables digital submission of identity documents. Fast set up and easy to use — intuitive by design

  • Helps to improve your customer experience and deliver operational efficiency

  • Offers full management information report and audit trail of all input and output data

  • Allows automation of existing document verification processes, saving time on manual checks on consumers

  • Validates around 3,000 document types from over 190 countries

  • Allows consumers to complete applications anytime, anyplace, without the disruption of submitting documents by post

  • Provides eID checks for UK and international consumers (coverage 135 countries)

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