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Document Verification and Facial Recognition

Quickly and effectively verify customers.

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Document Verification and Facial Recognition Feature

Here’s what you can do with Document Verification and Facial Recognition.

Securely and accurately validate consumer-provided identity documents in real time. Help reduce the risk of identity fraud while offering a convenient, digital customer experience.

Get TruValidate Document Verification

Capture documents easily

All information is securely gathered through the consumer’s device — with front-end user guidance for a quick, easy and intuitive experience.

Robust document verification

Effectively check data, security features, and authenticity and validity of government-issued documents. Conduct tamper detection checks of more than 3,000 document types from 200+ countries worldwide.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Extract text from the presented document and return as part of the transaction result — reuse for matching, decisioning or prepopulating forms in the consumer journey.

Selfie capture

Offer customers an easy-to-follow face capture option, enabling you to validate documents with a selfie. Verify using liveness detection technology that prevents system manipulation.

Elevate your digital offer

Customise content and branding, and easily integrate into your digital channel through iOS and Android SDK, browser-enabled web capture service or turnkey mobile solutions.

Better manage manual reviews

Securely and confidently authenticate consumers whose applications have been queued for manual review, helping reduce costs and potential lost revenue due to abandonment.

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