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2006 UK Electoral Roll Opt Out Figures On The Rise Yet Again

20 December 2005

Leading technology and data Group, which includes EuroDirect and Callcredit has revealed the latest opt-out figures from the 2006 Electoral Roll, which indicate yet another rise in opt-out levels across the UK.

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EuroDirect Launches New Council Tax Band & Property Price Data Following Government Revaluation of Wales

06 December 2005

Early 2005 saw the government revalue every home in Wales as part of their Council Tax evaluation. EuroDirect have now processed this data and are now able to provide council tax bands and accurate predictions of house prices for every household in the UK.

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EuroDirect Rebuilds & Revitalises Data Exchange Universe

06 December 2005

Data intelligence specialist EuroDirect has completely rebuilt and revitalised their Data Exchange consumer universe, bringing in a wealth of new data sources and substantially increasing attribute volumes.

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MyCallcredit warns bankruptcy not the easy option

05 December 2005

Credit report service MyCallcredit is warning people in debt only to file for bankruptcy as a last resort after an increase in bankruptcies fuelled by a change in rules which mean people think it will be discharged from their record after one year.

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Councils urged to help in fight against ID thieves

04 December 2005

Credit report service MyCallcredit is urging local councils to make it easier for environmentally conscientious people to protect their IDs by accepting shredded personal documents for recycling.

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