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The New Affordability Report

The New Affordability ReportMarch 2017

Despite the rising importance of affordability assessments’ for UK organisations, less than half (40%) of risk leaders rate themselves as very effective at identifying customers who are financially vulnerable.

The New Affordability study of UK risk and customer experience managers finds that organisations increasingly see it as their duty to understand a customers’ ability to pay for their services.

This report looks to gain a better understanding of how attitudes to affordability have changed over the past 10 years and provides learnings which, if applied, will help you to build a sustainable and healthy business for the future, while lending to consumers in a responsible manner.

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The Data Dilemma

The Data DilemmaOctober 2016

We all know data has the power to influence critical business decisions. But despite this our research has found, 70% of marketers believe that data is a valuable asset which is not being fully exploited in their organisation.

With so much data available, many marketers are struggling to make sense of it.  However, the challenge is not the amount of information available, which our marketers have in abundance. The real challenge is to translate data into useful insight that drives business growth - this is what we have identified as ‘The Data Dilemma’.

This report will draw on our research findings of 151 senior marketing professionals to explore the key factors that have created this ‘Data Dilemma’. It will illustrate the common pain points and challenges facing marketers and offer practical steps to help bring clarity to the complex world of data.

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Unlocking the potential of personal data

Unlocking the potential of personal dataSeptember 2016

The rise of the Me2B economy

It’s a phenomenon that’s hard to ignore. The digital revolution has led to an unprecedented explosion of personal data that continues to erupt at an astounding rate. It’s a revolution that has triggered an opportunity for brands to get to know their customers better than ever before. Every click is a reflection of their identity, behaviours, passions and thought processes. In return, those customers benefit from a higher quality of products and services, tailored to their individual needs and delivered with an increasingly frictionless experience.

Callcredit has commissioned a survey of 3,000 UK-based consumers to gain a deeper understanding of attitudes towards, and expectations of, data sharing. Our report also provides action points detailing how businesses and organisations can be better positioned to respond to the emerging Me2B economy.

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Data loss denial

Data loss denial

A new study by Noddle Protect on attitudes of senior decision-makers to cyber risk and the threat of a data breach in 2016, has revealed that 51% are being kept awake at night by the threat of a data breach caused by a cyber-attack; and 49% are having sleepless nights about a data breach resulting from data theft or irresponsible action.

*All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 281 decision makers in large businesses. Fieldwork was undertaken between 14-21 March 2016. The survey was carried out online.

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Whatever Life’s Journey, Your Credit Report is Vital

Whatever Life’s Journey, Your Credit Report is Vital

Wherever you are in life, your credit score will follow you all over the place. It is your gateway to a mortgage, your key to purchasing items on finance and your ticket to the best credit card rates.

So it really does pay to keep track of your personal credit history.

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