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Please take a look at our latest Insight, including infographics and white papers.

The GDPR and the new data landscape. Are you ready? | Report

The GDPR and the new data landscape. Are you ready? | ReportDecember 2017

We recently commissioned research with marketing leaders and consumers and the findings made interesting reading. It revealed that while most of the businesses affected by GDPR feel they know exactly what they need to do about it, a similar number admitted that they haven’t yet reviewed their products to ensure that they’re going to be compliant on 25 May 2018.

In this report senior leaders in our legal, data and innovations teams, discuss what GDPR means for our business, how we are tackling it and what our clients are talking to us about.

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12 Tips for Insight Driven Success

12 Tips for Insight Driven SuccessNovember 2017

Assuming you know what your customer wants, needs and is willing to spend can be the downfall of many organisations.

Our latest guide and tips give you a simple way to ensure you are finding the right customer, in the right place, at the right time to boost your profits. This enables you to answer those crucial questions with insight not assumptions.

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Fraud Report 2017 | Report

Fraud Report 2017 | ReportNovember 2017

A Callcredit survey of over 100 UK-based fraud prevention managers and directors has highlighted how the threat from fraud is growing larger and costlier for businesses, putting fraud professionals under increasing amounts of pressure.

At the heart of this is an underlying tension – the business wants effective verification solutions that minimise fraud, but they don’t want to sacrifice the speed or simplicity of the customer experience.

Read our report to find out more about how to balance these two needs. 

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Reducing Risk | Infographic

Reducing Risk | Infographic

How do you reduce risk when taking on new customers? Have a look at our infographic for the signs to look out for and the benefits of getting it right.

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Open Banking and the information economy | Report

Open Banking and the information economy | ReportNovember 2017

After an extensive in-depth research project with the UK’s leading traditional and challenger lenders, as well as industry experts and fintechs, specialist consultancy Ctrl-Shift – in partnership with Callcredit – has released its findings into the shape and direction of Open Banking, one of the biggest innovations in UK financial services in recent years.

The report catalogues the views of high-street banks, challenger brands and thought-leading experts as the Open Banking initiative goes from concept to delivery.

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