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A Guide to Expansion in China | RetailVision | Infographic

RetailVision China

Our latest infographic looks at the scale and potential of the Chinese retail landscape, whilst explaining how RetailVision China can help brands make smarter location decisions based on real data.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the Chinese market or already have an established retail footprint, RetailVision can help you:

  • Measure market potential
  • Monitor market share
  • Benchmark existing store performance
  • Identify optimal locations for your brand to expand
  • Understand the impacts of future mall developments

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PDF also available in Chinese


A Guide to Expansion in China

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Our GMAP team has developed a suite of international RetailVision classifications providing a ranked list of retail centres across global markets.

Find out more about the countries covered by RetailVision and our other Retail Location Planning services.

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