What is segmentation? | Infographic

Our latest infographic highlights 'What is segmentation?' and explores how consumers can be divided into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relating to marketing such as age, gender and spending habits.

We highlight how Callcredit's Global segmentation tool CAMEO can link consumer address information to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic insight to help companies across the world understand who their customers and prospects are.

Infographic - What is segmentation?

Global Customer Segmentations - targeting the world

All over the world marketers have the same challenges: to understand who their customers are, where they live and what they 'look like'.

CAMEO provides a unique series of powerful and discriminative consumer classification systems developed to assess the socio-economic and geodemographic profiles of neighbourhoods across the world. It enables marketers and analysts to segment, profile and analyse customers and markets, using this intelligence for database marketing, customer segmentation exercises and network planning.

Find out more about our global CAMEO classifications.

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