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TransUnion Retail CX Fraud Playbook

TransUnion Retail CX Fraud PlaybookJanuary 2020

Fraud cost the UK retail industry £4,821 million last year, so finding ways to minimise and reduce your fraud risk will drive significant performance improvements.

To help you discover where and what types of fraud threaten your checkout journey we’ve created this step-by-step playbook: From pre- to post-sale: a roadmap to securing your checkout journey. It profiles the key stages of the checkout journey that fraudsters target, explaining the risk and offering different approaches and CX-centric solutions to combating the threat.

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Money Mules insights and solutions

Money Mules insights and solutionsNovember 2019

Learn the true risks of Money Mules to your business and wider society. Discover how TransUnion’s data and analytical expertise has helped evidence predictive characteristics, new behaviours and insights to better arm organisations against this form of organised crime in our latest insight guide: Money Mules – enhancing controls for a shifting financial landscape.

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Using credit data to create brighter futures

Using credit data to create brighter futuresSeptember 2019

By taking a proactive role in your consumers’ credit education, you can provide them with ongoing support, insightful advice and personalised offers, at the right time.

Read our latest e-book and find out how you can become your customers go-to resource for credit education and feel the benefits of a strong, profitable relationship.

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Welcome to the customer experience revolution

Welcome to the customer experience revolutionJuly 2019

Drawing on research recently commissioned by TransUnion, we demonstrate how companies who invest intelligently in digital customer experience can improve conversion, increase customer loyalty and ultimately win in the ‘experience economy’.

Find out how you can optimise your customer journey and transform your business. Download our latest insight report Adding Value to the Journey: Mastering CX to Build Meaningful Relationships.

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Early Warning Signs | Infographic

Early Warning Signs | Infographic

Identifying signs of financial difficulty is important for both sides of a financial relationship.

Take a look at our infographic to see some of the key findings from our white paper and discover how you can detect financial distress sooner and act to protect losses faster.

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