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Change is here

2018 began with a series of regulation changes and new initiatives. Open Banking, PSD2 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have transformed the consumer data space. These changes have presented challenges and opportunities to those involved in using consumer data. TransUnion has helped lead the way, contributing, collaborating and helping to shape this exciting new world.

Becoming GDPR ready

We started preparing for GDPR when it was announced in April 2016 and viewed the regulation as a cultural change that would impact all aspects of our business. Rather than a series of technical or compliance challenges in data protection we saw it as an opportunity to shift the way we think about and use consumer data.

At the heart of the change is transparency and trust. These values are central to the way our business works and it was important to us to help those involved in the industry think about what GDPR means to them, their industry and their client and consumer relationships. As our preparations for GDPR progressed we started to share our understanding around the regulation, publishing our own research, opinion pieces and product updates on a regular basis.

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Useful Articles

Our super streamlined take on what the GDPR is about and what you need to be considering. If you’re unsure about the GDPR we’d recommend reading our short guide before speaking to the relevant people in your organisation. 

A short guide to GDPR


Original Research

The GDPR and the new data landscape. Are you ready?

The biggest legislative change affecting data is about to hit businesses, fundamentally altering the landscape we all work in. The question is: how many are ready for it?

As transparency and trust are the cornerstones of GDPR we think it is important to share how we are tackling the regulation as a data driven business. In this report senior leaders in our legal, data and innovations teams discuss what GDPR means for our business and what our clients are asking us.

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GDPR: The Road to Happier Customers

In our latest research, only 20% of respondents have set up dedicated teams in their organisations to lead their GDPR initiatives. In times where a singular customer view has never been more prevalent, it’s important to gain a clear, considered steer on data.  To help you on your pathway to more satisfied customers we have created a guide with some useful hints and tips. Download it today.

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Identify Marketing Opportunities in a GDPR World

Data, GDPR, tools, software, strategy, plans and marketing nothing stays the same. With this in mind we’ve pulled together a top level view of what matters to 200 marketing decision makers, our own in-house experts and some of our clients.

You never know there might be piece of insight, commentary or a stat in there that kicks off a conversation to making your job easier or improves your organisations marketing performance or it might just put your mind at rest to understand that there are a lot of marketers out there facing similar challenges. 

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