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Santander Cards - credit risk


The Santander Group stretches back over 150 years and serves 92 million customers across more than 40 countries. They focus on delivering a strong performance in a safe and secure way.

In recent times of regulatory reform and a changing economic climate, Santander Cards UK wished to highlight an even greater commitment towards responsible lending practices and reduce risk by working with Callcredit to enhance credit management strategies across the customer lifecycle.


To enhance credit management strategies Santander Cards needed to:

1. Integrate a multi bureau suite of data

2. Reduce bad debt through an improved suite of risk management techniques

3. Deliver new solutions in a timely and cost effective manner to increase business benefits

The Solution

Whilst Santander Cards already used credit data from Callcredit's Bureau Summary Block service (BSB) across one portfolio, the volume of data was increased and it was rolled out across all portfolios to give Santander a complete and comprehensive multi bureau suite. Callcredit delivered this via an API so it could be fully integrated with Santander's systems.

As well as providing a wide range of credit data to Santander Cards, Callcredit also implemented a number of intelligent credit risk tools that provide unique insight into customers' financial situation - essential for risk management.

Santander Cards is taking advantage of CallMonitor, Callcredit's trigger alert product that highlights changes in customers' financial situation on a daily basis. This allows Santander to respond quickly to changes and adapt their credit management strategies accordingly, reducing bad debt and improving the customer experience.

Callcredit's Affordability Suite has also helped to reduce bad debt by using income and credit data to identify those Santander Card customers who are over-indebted or are at risk of becoming over-indebted in the near future. As well as enhancing Santander Card's risk management techniques, the affordability suite also helps to support their responsible lending policies.

To maximise the business benefits of the new solutions, Callcredit and Santander Cards carried out extensive investigative analysis to indicate the level of returns that could be delivered to Santander Cards before implementing the changes. By delivering the data and new products through an API they fit seamlessly with Santander's existing systems.

Results and benefits

By working with Callcredit, Santander Cards have already achieved a number of significant business benefits and returns will increase the longer the new solutions are in place:

  • Considerable incremental credit loss savings
  • Improved bottom line returns versus existing credit bureau data feeds
  • Improved indebtedness management capabilities
  • Greater insight into changing customer circumstances

"Working with Callcredit represents a significant strategic advancement for Santander Cards, enabling a consistent multi-bureau approach across the portfolio whilst using new and innovative tools within our credit management strategies. We're delighted with the benefits we have seen so far, which is a result of the strong partnership we have with Callcredit, and we look forward to continuing to build on that in the future."

Head of Risk - Collections, Recoveries, Loss Planning & Reporting