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We helped a leading sports brand reduce operational costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction

Empowering customer teams to improve the customer experience


The Problem

The Customer Services Director at a major global sports merchandise company was faced with a critical business issue; high level of competition and risk of customer attrition to competitors.

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The business identified that their customer experience was a contributing factor. Operationally it was struggling to manage communications effectively, spending too much time on simple tasks and failing to give appropriate attention to more urgent or complex situations.

Customers experienced a lack of continuity across the sales and the customer support processes. Interactions were often treated in isolation, with no acknowledgement of the their previous communication with the company, quality of responses varied greatly and timeliness did not meet customer expectations.

The Solution

The client told us they needed a solution that would allow any agent to understand a customer’s recent engagements. The solution needed to make handling communications easier, automatically responding to some, whilst prioritising and flagging others to the appropriate users.

Management also needed a real-time view of operational performance and to be able to identify incidents requiring additional focus and attention. Callcredit advised and implemented Callcredit DecisionCX Interactive Email, our ‘out the box’ email management solution that helped meet both customer and operational demands.

The Result

  • 175% increase in advisor productivity, from 8 emails processed per hour previously, to 22 emails per hour
  • DecisionCX Interactive Email replaced Outlook and eradicated a huge backlog of unanswered company emails rapidly
  • DecisionCX Interactive Email’s multi-language support was able to ensure the client’s international customer base were fully supported
  • Contact volumes rose 70% but operational costs fell 15%
  • The business shifted from telephone support to email, with savings of approximately 25% by adopting this channel


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