Residency Plus

TransUnion can help you tackle the problems faced by in the Utilities market with Residency Plus.

Identify either the names of individuals at a property, or the length of occupancy for an individual at a property using 'Move in Move out' data.

If you are struggling to confirm who has lived at a property during a certain period of time, supply the address and the dates of residency and the 'Move in Move out' data will provide the names of the people resident at that time.

Use Residency Plus to confirm the dates of residency, by providing the name and address of the customer.

For void or vacant properties, Residency Plus can give you the names of the people resident at the address during a specific time period.

Residency Plus can add extra data to your customer database and provide solutions to help manage your customers.

The additional data we can provide is:

Feature Benefit
Forwarding address links We can trace your customers and provide you with the additional address information
Consented multi-channel data (email, mobiles and landlines) This can be appended to your current customer database to improve contact rates and your collections strategy.
Geodemographic Data This can be appended at property level to indicate fraud risk, identify particular socio-economic areas, propensity to pay, indicative income levels or tenure types.
HomeMover Alerts These can alert you of recently sold, rented or mortgage valued properties in your customer database.

Residency Plus is a batch process which has been built specifically with the problems faced by the Utilities market in mind. We have a specialist team who can help you successfully implement Residency Plus into your existing processes.

To find out more about how Residency Plus can help you reduce your operational costs and increase your collections revenue contact our Utilities team.

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