Property Monitor

Receive alerts if an address of one of your customers appears on a property for sale list.

We can provide you with sale and rental data so we can advise you of properties in your portfolio that are 'for sale', 'sold', 'under offer', 'to let' and 'let'.

This early indicator can help you retain your customers and enable you to be proactive in contacting your customers with bad debt so you can keep track of them before they move on.

Use Property Monitor to contact your customers and encourage them to submit last meter readings, avoiding unpaid last bills which could result in negative information held on their credit file.

Benefits of using Property Monitor:

  • Manage your customer communications proactively
  • Know the exact date of sale or let
  • Receive daily or weekly alerts to enable you to act quickly
  • Be more proactive with customer management issues
  • Avoid bad debt

Property Monitor will help with:

  • Fraud Indication
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Retention

It's easy to start using Property Monitor, simply provide us with a file of customers that you would like to monitor and we can provide you with daily, weekly or monthly alerts, depending on your business needs.

Already a SHARE provider? We can simply use a group of customers within your SHARE file to provide you with these alerts.

To find out more how Property Monitor can improve your account and risk management, contact our Utilities team.

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