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We can help you learn more about an individual's relationship with a property by examining their credit activity and how it relates to the property you are interested in.


For every UK Household we rank the property in terms of the number of habitant movements we see in and out of that property over a given time period. This information enables you to make more informed decisions about how to manage individual properties. For example, you may wish to install a meter or suggest monthly billing where households have high levels of movement and are likely to be rented rather than owned.

Score card building

We have a team of expert model and scorecard builders and specialist consultants. They work with our utility clients to cover a wide range of credit and collection related topics, both operational and strategic. We create solutions to the problems found in the Utilities industry and are currently creating a Transiency Index. We are here to help you get the absolute best from our products and services and we will work with you to achieve measurable results.

Household composition

We can attach an alpha/numeric code to a property to illustrate the composition. This additional insight will tell you the make-up of the house so you can manage customer accounts more effectively and implement the most appropriate billing or supply measures to suit them.

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