Data Sharing

It is considered best practice to contribute your customer data to all three Credit Reference Agencies in the UK. Your account information will then feature on your customer's credit file.

Quick and simple data sharing

A credit file may be presented whenever a customer is seeking new lines of credit or employment elsewhere.  It's important that this information is accurate and up-to-date and a real incentive for customers to make payments on time.

If you contribute your customer data to a bureau you can access even more performance information on your customers helping you profile and collect smarter.

We make it easy for you.

Rather than creating our own file format, we support both CAIS (Experian) and Insight (Equifax) file formats to ensure that minimal extra effort is required to extend data sharing to TransUnion.

Through dedicated client management we will also provide extensive on-boarding assistance to all customers, guiding you through the entire process from file cleansing, testing, submission and updating. Our experience has taught us that the number of updates sent through between monthly submissions is minimal and therefore submitting data to more than one CRA is not labour intensive or costly.

Contact us now and find out how easy it is to share your data with us.