We can help improve your collections performance by building a strategy which will increase collection and reduce costs.


Using our monitoring services we can alert you to when an individual who has incurred a debt "resurfaces" at a new address.

Score card building

We have a team of expert model and scorecard builders and specialist consultants. They work with our utility clients to cover a wide range of credit and collection related topics, both operational and strategic. We create solutions to the problems found in the Utilities industry and are currently creating a Transiency Index so you can see where the property you're collecting on ranks overall.

Identify customers suffering fuel or water poverty

TransUnion has been working with financial institutions over the last five years to identify those customers who are financially vulnerable in order to ensure that they are treated fairly.

We can help you to identify customers who would be classified as either water or fuel poor to ensure that you tailor your collections strategy to suit your customers.

Voids and occupier Look Up

Often across a significant number of accounts you may not have been able to correctly identify a named individual at an address in terms of past supply. We can identify for you individuals currently resident at a "void" address or who were resident in a previous billing period.

Move in Move out Data

We can identify and verify individuals resident at a property during a specific point in time linked to a billing cycle.

All you have to do is provide the address and dates of a supply period and we will provide the names of the occupants at that time. We can also identify length of residency from just the address and name of a customer.

Daily alerts

We monitor millions of accounts each day and provide our clients with time critical data that may affect the relationship they have with their customer. For example, with Direct Debit being a major part of a Utility billing regime, wouldn't you like to know when a consumer changes their Bank?

Sort the 'can-pay's' from the 'won't pay's'

We are able to provide an insight into who are the most financially vulnerable consumers in the UK - enabling you to prioritise your debts and go after the ones most likely to pay first.

To find out more about how our Utilities solutions can help with your collections strategy please complete our online business enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you shortly.