Account Management

We can help you to get closer to your customers and understand them, allowing you to tailor your services so you get the best results.

Keep in touch with your customers

Our emails and telephone numbers are fully consented for account management or debt collection purposes. We can also manage campaigns on your behalf, providing the design and MI reporting capabilities.

Identify customers suffering fuel or water poverty

TransUnion has been working with financial institutions over the last five years to identify those customers who are financially vulnerable in order to ensure that they are treated fairly.

We can help you to identify customers who would be classified as either water or fuel poor to ensure that you tailor your services where needed.

Pre-billing address verification

If a customer hasn't paid a bill we can identify whether those customers are still at the address or have moved before you waste resource sending out the next bill. We help you to save time, save money and contact customers on your terms.

Voids and occupier Look Up

Often across a significant number of accounts you may not have been able to correctly identify a named individual at an address in terms of past supply. We can identify for you individuals currently resident at a "void" address or who were resident in a previous billing period.

Move in Move out Data

We can identify and verify individuals resident at a property during a specific point in time linked to a billing cycle. All you have to do is provide the address and dates of a supply period and we will provide the names of the occupants at that time. We can also identify length of residency from just the address and name of a customer.

To find out more about how our Utilities solutions can help you manage your existing customers please complete our online business enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you shortly.