Helping utility providers to deploy smart and effective collection strategies

Protecting financially vulnerable customers

Rapidly increasing levels of consumer debt are a challenge for all in the Utilities sector, but they don't have to be. We can help you identify customers who have high risk of debt and help you get the best return on the time you spend with them. Our unique affordability assessment tools ensure you protect financially vulnerable customers and help those who are struggling to get back on track. Focusing your effort in this way can help you generate the best bottom line benefit.

Data completeness and accuracy

We can help you to deploy smart segmentation and effective strategies to enrich and enhance your customer data during the collection process.

Integrated Collections Data (ICD) displays graphs and bar charts rather than "dry data" so that staff can get an immediate visual impression of a customer's financial situation. And, because we deliver this report almost instantly to your desk top, you have no requirement to store data at your end - you simply call it when you need it.

ICD is just one of a range of bespoke solutions which are designed, built, and tested with you in mind. Our products are designed to help you make smarter, more cost effective decisions throughout the customer journey.

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